Introducing the Gramr Gratitude Fund

8 March 2014 | Posted by | Posted in Gratitude Fund

We’re giving money away and we need your help.

Because of certain Kickstarter policies we were not able to tell you about the Gramr Gratitude Fund while we were campaigning. But we are excited to get to tell you all about it now!

It’s simple. We work with you to sponsor random acts of gratitude and goodness. For every Gramr that we sell, we reserve 10¢ into a fund. You can think of it as a really big piggy bank. Then we turn to you and ask how we should spend the money to “say thanks” to someone in your community.

Think Extreme Home Makeover, but with acts of gratitude, instead of home remodeling. We’ll help you tip your favorite waitress $200. We’ll give your favorite middle school teacher the vacation she deserves. If there is money in the fund, and the idea is random and wonderful—we’ll work with you to make it happen.

For example: let’s imagine your neighbor gets laid off, the same neighbor who has been watering the community garden forever. You could (and should) write her a Gramr to thank her for all that she means to the community—but sometimes you want to help a bit more, right? Well, let us know what you have in mind.

Maybe we can help by paying a month’s rent for her? Or, maybe we can hire a Porter to cook her dinner for a month. It could be little, it could be big—it must be beautiful. :) We’re your teammates—so let’s team up. You pitch your idea. We help you make it happen. We capture the story and tell it right here on The Bureau. It’s simple, it’s wonderful.

The more people you thank by writing Gramrs, the more people we get to help you thank with the Gratitude Fund! It’s a win-win-win.

PS. We sold a lot of Gramrs during the Kickstarter campaign—and we’re ready to fund something good and groovy. Nominate someone who deserves a big ‘thank-you,’ by clicking “Tell Us” on the left side of this page!