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Be Grateful. Be Happy.

Science has proven that gratitude makes us happier, healthier, and more whole.
So let’s try science, let’s send thank-you notes weekly, and let’s improve our lives and our relationships.


More Social, Less Media.

Social Networks are great at connecting in quantity. But what we all really want is quality. In a world where a Tweet, Snap, Poke, and Like fail to foster the meaningful connection we all crave, the handwritten note can become a revolutionary tool.


An Upgraded Thank-You Card

We’ve crafted a truly new card sending experience alongside some of the best artists, designers, and printers in the country—and you have access to all of it from the convenience of your home. Better quality, better content, better cards. More happy.

Gratitude is Changing Lives

I recently sat down and wrote a Gramr to my third grade teacher. It had been 14 years and I felt she deserved a resounding "thank you" for nurturing me way back then.

The response I got brought tears to my eyes. She begged to see me, and we met for dinner soon thereafter. I will never forget the way she looked at me when she opened the door to her home and beheld me for the first time, two dozen years of life tucked carefully into our hearts.
Haley Roberson
Malibu, CA