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What is Gramr all about? Other people.

Now that we all lead such busy lives, it is more important than ever to pause and reflect on the thing that matters the most: people.

When we pause and spend our time on others to express our gratitude, two things happen: (1) we become happier, and (2) the person we've affirmed becomes happier, stronger, and more proud to have us as friends. A handwritten letter in particular is so powerful because nowadays there is no mistaking what has happened when we receive one. We know immediately that someone has spent his or her  time on us — and that is magical, because time is the most valuable currency these days. We could go on and on about the scientific evidence that gratitude makes us happier — but we'll save that for our blog, because we believe that it is something we all fundamentally understand and believe already. When we're grateful for who and what we have, we're happier — right? We just don't know how to get ourselves into this mindset.

Gramr Gratitude Co. exists to help people get into a grateful mindset, and it was created by two guys who needed help themselves. Everything that we do at Gramr is built around the idea that gratitude improves our lives, and people need to be told that they matter. Sound good? Join the family.

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